The Northwest Arkansas Workers’ Justice Center (NWAWJC) serves the Ozark region by operating four programs with the focus on: case management, immigrant justice, self development of people courses, and worker empowerment. In each of these programs, NWAWJC acts as a bridge, helping workers to organize for support, advocate against violations, and link them to allies and support.

NWAWJC does this by building on relationships we have established among workers, among employers, with government enforcement agencies (such as DOL and EEOC), and with community based allies and organizations (attorneys, domestic violence service providers, immigrant rights agencies, etc.).

Labor rights Trainings

The NWAWJC provides labor rights education as part of our vision to see our communities empowered for them to voice their concerns about unethical working conditions.


Immigrant justice

We work with national and local allies to fight anti-immigrant enforcement programs with the goal to help workers develop a strong voice fighting for immigration reform so that immigrant workers can step out of the shadows and recover their humanity when the rest of the world continues to criminalize and dehumanize this community.

Self development of people courses

Provide self-development programs to build worker leadership in workplace and in the community. The Center offers free English as a Second Language, GED Tutoring, and Computer Class courses to our membership.


Our strategy to develop leadership among our membership is through our Know your Rights workshops, self development programs, and engaging worker participation in the planning of events and actions through our women and worker's committee meetings.


Our work has a powerful impact not only on the people we serve, but also on the larger community as a whole.  The Center has helped hundreds of workers in labor issues recovering more than $920,000 in case settlements while empowering and training them about their workers' rights.  Empowered more than 350 workers on OSHA safety and health and workers' rights. Graduated more than 50 worker members in computer literacy classes and given the opportunity to more than 70 worker members to advance their English literacy skills.