Educating, Mobilizing and Empowering Communities To Stand Against Labor Abuses

Wage and Hour: Know Your Rights Trainings

Leadership Development: Empowering low-income workers to advocate for themselves.

Advocating for integration of Immigrant families into society.

Empowering workers to take a stand against Wage Theft.

Bringing communities together to fight injustice

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Immigration Advocacy

America deserves a common sense immigration process, one that includes a roadmap for New Americans who aspire to be citizens. Join us on October 5th for the National Day of Dignity and Respect as we march with the faith and working community for immigration reform, and to celebrate the unity in our community. The march and celebration will take place on Saturday, October 5th at 4pm after the Roger's International Festival. This event is in solidarity with more than 60 cities throughout the country to celebrate the contributions of the immigrant community to this nation of immigrants. For more information on how to participate contact the NWA Workers' Justice Center at 479-750-8015

Worker Leadership Exchange

As par of our leadership development, the Northwest Arkansas Workers' Justice Center (NWAWJC) engages worker members to participate in leadership retreats exchanging experiences and best practices to improve their working conditions. By learning from workers throughout the country who are active community organizers, members are able to bring back those lessons and apply them in their own communities building a sense of solidarity. On June of 2013, two worker leaders from Northwest Arkansas participated in the Food Chain Worker Alliance (FCWA) worker retreat in Philadelphia where they engaged in a protest at Wendy's for Campaign for Fair Food chanting, "up up with the fair food nation...down down with exploitation", in solidarity with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers. As partners in the Food Chain Worker Allaince we seek to move this fast food restaurant to participate in an agreement to protect the rights of Florida tomato farm workers. Wendy's is currently the target of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers and is being pressured to sign this agreement. The Fair Food agreement includes conditions that will improve labor standards and give women workers the “right to work without fear of sexual harassment or sexual abuse,” as stated by Florida farm worker Guadalupe Gonzao. Wendy's is the last major fast food chain to not participate in the program.

Stories of Success: Recovering Owed Wages

It's an epidemic that is hurting low-income workers across the country. The practice of wage theft or theft of services is all too common throughout the country, but for hard working people the expectation of "fair pay for honest work," is not the reality. The Northwest Arkansas Workers' Justice Center receives wage and hour claims every week of folks that are not paid for their work. People in our community are being cheated out of their wages and this practice takes place in all employment sectors affecting low-income workers the most. Since it's inception the NWAWJC has sought to help workers through education and advocacy to recover owed wages. One set example is the story of Leonard and Miguel, two construction workers who for months were not being compensated their full work. The employer refused to pay them stating that the work was never done, then said he had not been paid, avoided the workers calls, and even threatened their families. Leonardo and Miguel waited on the empty promise that they would get paid the outstanding amounts that over two months had accumulated to $800 each. It took courage and frustration for them to speak out about their situation as their families were struggling to make ends meet. Leonardo and Miguel filed a case with the NWAWJC and through labor education and mediation with the employer, we were able to help them recover their owed wages in less than two weeks. Many wage theft cases take a month or more to solve, primarily because in Arkansas there is no immediate route to recover owed wages or penalize an employer for withholding wages. Arkansas workers need laws that work for them, not against them. To learn more about wage theft campaign read more on our campaigns tab.

Stop USDA's dangerous Poultry Modernization Rule

The Obama administration is preparing to finalize a dangerous new rule for how chickens in the U.S. are inspected. The new rule would slash food safety inspection, increase the line speed production leaving workers more vulnerable to muskuloskeletal injuries, and as a result, poultry contaminated by feces, bile and scabs would not be removed from the line. The product instead would be run through a anti-microbial bleach solution before being packaged and sold to consumers. Take a stand and sign our worker member's petition! The petition signatures will be unfurled in front of the White House at a September 26 petition delivery event. They will also be emailed to the USDA.
Founded in 2002 with the central focus to help low-income and immigrant workers in Arkansas advocate against workplace injustices, the NWA Workers' Justice Center seeks to empower our working community through labor education, advocacy, and organizing as a means to generate a positive systemic change. The NWA Workers' Justice Center is affiliated with Interfaith Workers Justice (IWJ) and part of the national network of workers' centers that organize workers for better wages, benefits and workplace dignity.